HF10 THERAPY proven to provide patients superior relief from back pain and leg pain.
The only spinal cord stimulation therapy APPROVED to deliver pain relief without paresthesia.
8 OUT OF 10 people who try HF10 therapy have significant
relief of back pain and leg pain.


HF10™ therapy delivered superior back pain and leg pain response.1


HF10 therapy delivered superior reduction in both back pain and leg pain at all measured time points.1


HF10 therapy is the only SCS therapy indicated as paresthesia-free.

  • Eliminates restrictions on driving and sleeping
  • Improves patient satisfaction

Procedure benefits

HF10 therapy requires the same skills and techniques necessary to perform traditional spinal cord stimulation (SCS). However, because HF10 therapy is paresthesia-free, the leads are placed anatomically. For back pain and leg pain, the leads are consistently placed across T8-T11.

HF10 therapy eliminates intraoperative paresthesia mapping

  • No need to wake patient for paresthesia feedback
  • More predictable procedure

Traditional SCS HF10 Therapy
Step 1: Sedate patient Step 1: Sedate patient
Step 2: Insert and position leads Step 2: Insert and position leads anatomically
Step 3: Wake patient, ask questions to assess paresthesia coverage
Step 4: Reposition and reprogram leads (as required) to redirect the paresthesia