HF10™ therapy: A combination of four key attributes yield superior clinical outcomes

Frequency Waveform Characteristics Anatomical Lead Placement Programming Algorithm
10 kHz Pulse Width
Wave Shape
Consistent lead placement Proprietary programming algorithm developed over several years

The Senza® system: Superior outcomes delivered through best-in-class technology

  • The only IPG indicated to deliver paresthesia-free therapy
  • The only IPG with 10-year-plus battery life at 10 kHz
  • The only IPG that can provide HF10 therapy


Parameter Specification
System type Constant current
Frequency (Hz) 10,000
Maximum number of electrodes 16
Device battery life at 10 kHz (years) 10+
Average daily charging time (minutes) 45
Battery overdischarge protection Yes
Field-upgradable software Yes
RF wireless range (inches) 60


Model Specification
Senza II, IPG 1500 Head and Extremities Imaging:
1.5 and 3T for percutaneous and surgical leads
Full Body Imaging:
1.5T and 0.4 SAR for percutaneous leads
  1. 1

    Charge coil in IPG header permits safe, rapid charging without additional heating

  2. 2

    • 10+ year battery life at 10 kHz
    • BatteryGuard technology to prevent damage from over discharge
    • Upgradable software
  3. 3

    8 electrode percutaneous leads

  4. 4

    Low profile, "no slip" Active Anchor