April 3, 2020

An Update to Our Healthcare Partners

Dear Valued Healthcare Partners,

As our communities continue to respond to the spread of COVID-19, I wanted to provide some updates on what we at Nevro are doing during this ever-changing time. Let me start by first expressing my appreciation and admiration for all that you are continuing to do for your patients. It is our privilege to be partnered with each of you and we thank you for your ongoing efforts. As I’ve stated in prior communications, our commitment to you remains unwavering, as does the safety and well-being of your patients and our employees.

Around the world, we have witnessed our physician partners having to adjust their practices to accommodate social distancing requirements and elective procedure restrictions. Accordingly, we have pushed ourselves to think about what we can do to help our customers weather these challenges.

We appreciate that many of you are shifting your practices to a telemedicine model. To support you through this transition, we are developing educational resources and supplementing our patient management and clinical trial activities.

  • New Educational Resources: Earlier this week we hosted a telemedicine webinar that drew several hundred physician attendees. The content delivered by our physician faculty partners focused on practical lessons and approaches to patient management based on their experience with telemedicine in their practices. The engagement and feedback we received was positive and has led us to begin working on the next module. If you missed the first program, you can watch a recording here.

  • Patient Management Updates: As previously highlighted, under your direction our field and therapy support teams continue to engage existing and prospective patients to ensure any needs that can be supported remotely are met. We recognize that some patients will have medical questions related to SCS that they would like to speak with you or your staff about. For those patients, we will share that request with your practice, enabling you to schedule a follow-up telemedicine appointment and address the patient’s concerns.

  • Clinical Trial Activities: The safe continuation of current Nevro sponsored clinical trials and the welfare of study participants is a primary concern for us. We are working with each study site to communicate our plans and how we intend to approach planned study evaluations under these trying circumstances. Whenever possible, study monitoring visits will be done remotely through telemedicine approaches. We are committed to doing everything within our control to maintain the highest standard for completing all Nevro studies and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

We will continue to work to identify additional programs and we look forward to hearing about ideas that you think would help make this time more manageable for you and your patients.

Lastly, I wanted to close with an update about our business. This week, we completed a financing that raised $345 million. This level of investment allows us to strengthen our balance sheet and provides confidence that we will not only navigate the current environment but build an even stronger foundation for our future growth. We know that this significant level of support from our investors was only possible due to your support of Nevro and our technology, and for that we thank you.

We appreciate your continued partnership and wish you and your loved ones good health.


D. Keith Grossman

Chairman, CEO and President, Nevro Corporation